International shipping

At the moment we offer shipping to most of the countries within the EU, and a few select countries outside the EU.

We ship to the following countries:

• Denmark
• Sweden
• Norway
• Germany
• England
• Scotland
• The Netherlands
• Belgium
• France

Other countries
If you live outside the countries listed above, we still offer shipping, but as the shipping varies widely based on weight of the goods ordered, we ask that you select the option "Request shipping fees" during checkout. Upon receiving such an order, our staff will calculate the shipping cost based on the country you live in, and the weight of the goods you've ordered and send an email with the cost of shipping. We ask that you transfer this amount through paypal. Orders are of course not final until you have accepted the addational shipping fee, and you are free to cancel your order, if you find the shipping fee too costly.

We ask that international customers use PayPal upon checkout.